Stellar activity, surface dynamics, fundamental parameters, exoplanetary systems, pulsations
9-21 Sep 2013 Barcelonnette (France)

Financial support (closed)

The financial support submission is now closed, the results will be posted within the first half of May 2013.


Thanks to our sponsors support, we will be able to offer partial financial support to a (limited) number of participants. If you wish to submit a support request, please send an e-mail to including "VLTI school financial support request" in the subject. Please, include the following information in your message:

- Name
- Surname
- Institute
- Position (staff / post-doc / student)
- Role within VLTI
- Financial needs: Travel (yes/no + give an estimate of the cost) or registration fee.

The accommodation is paid for all the participants.

The deadline for financial support request is the April 30th, 2013.

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